Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Accounting of FaerieWorlds 2012

We took 2 days to drive out. Missed our turn at Pocatello, ID and ended up in Idaho Springs so we took Hwy 20 across to Mountain Home, ID. This route turned out to be gorgeous! We stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument and oohed and ahhed over the lava flows for a bit. That day turned out to be 18 hours of travel time. I drove the last 2-3 hours and it was on Old Mackenzie Hwy. I failed to notice that my gps was set to avoid highways! This road is apparently stunning in the daylight. At night it was 20 miles an hour of hair pin turn after hair pin turn. I'm glad I was driving!

Day one of FaerieWorlds we set up our tents and I set out to make a few deliveries. I made a reversible hood for the Pandora Celtica drummer Shadow Cat (shown below) and a feathered unicorn horn for a fae friend's little girl :) I lucked out and found both of them as I traveled around the grounds the first time. 
For the first day I wore a chiton in watery teal with Mermaiden Creations flower hair pins, a brocade belt and a custom ivy torque created for me by Gypsy Moon Art Studio along with my el-wire wings (lights off during the day). 

After deliveries I came back for a nap. The 3 hours of sleep we'd managed was so not going to cut it. That night I got some video of my wings in action (embedded below). I was having fun until some old lady that was either crazy or on drugs (perhaps both) nearly folded my wing in half as she shoved to the front of the audience for the Niyaz concert. I eventually gave up my prime location for someplace where people weren't beating up my wings.


Day two I wore a black skirt, chain belt, snake skin bra/bustier, messy braids and my dragon Sprocket. I don't have any good pictures of that day yet though several were taken by people admiring my dragon. Bought a cotton pocket belt at a steal of a price and wandered around trying to visit all the merchants. And when I say all the merchants, there were a LOT. That night was Delhi 2 Dublin and they freaking rocked the house! The musicians jump and dance the whole time! I guess they have a new album coming out later this summer :)

Day three I wore my green velvet tied pants and leaf top with my manaed horns and my dragon again as I had a friend that wanted to meet him. I had to wear a turban under the horns because my hair likes to felt in evil ways around the water weeds :P 

I bought a custom maile necklace and matching earrings from one of the vendors that I had chatted with a few times. That night was Donovan on the main stage and I gotta say, I wasn't that impressed. Not my generation I guess. Lindsey Stirling had performed that day too and she was a kick in the pants :)

Overall I had a good time. I had great friends with me and the music was fantastic. It seems that all there was to do was shop or watch the music. It's become more commercial than I remember from 2009. Thankfully most of the merchants are still hand making their items. I would have loved to see some activity booths like mask making or painting or something. All these creative people with no opportunity to build! One of my travel mates asked many of the vendors how they were doing with sales and all said it was a slow show. She thought there were too many vendors for the number of people in attendance.

It was a very different place between day and night. Once the sun went down there were a lot of drugs :( People dropping acid and smoking pot and vomiting by the port o potties. Some dudes high on acid were tripping out on the solar powered rope lights I had around my tent. I was especially unamused as I was trying to sleep. This was in the outer grove were there wasn't supposed to be partying. I enjoyed my trip back to faerieworlds but I think I will seek out a new adventure for future trips. Maybe DragonCon or Labyrinth of Jareth. 

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