Friday, June 1, 2012

Confessions of a Hair Nerd

It's true, I lose hours to figuring out new braids and I turn into a pile of warm mush on the rare occasion when someone plays with my hair. On the off chance that anyone else out there is similarly obsessed I thought I'd share some pictures of various braids I've done and see if anyone has something new and fantastic to show me in return :D
 Here we have a 4-strand Dutch braid. Dutch means that it's braided under so it pops up away from the head as opposed to a French braid that is braided over and the borders blur into hair sections being added.
 This is a variant on a crown braid done with a 2-strand rope braid instead of the more common 3-strand braid. This is one of my favorite summer time hair styles and it also works really well under wigs for those of you who like that sort of thing.
 Here we have one 2-strand rope lace braid and then two of them in opposite directions. This is great for wrapping braids like a headband. In my case, having anything wrapped all the way around my head causes fierce headaches so I double them back like in the next picture. The rope braided 'tails' are folded up and pinned along the part between the lace braiding. It makes for lots of texture and it hides the part.
In this next picture I took the two opposing rope lace braids and used them to do a 3 strand braid with the remaining hair. Because the ropes are so thin, the main part of the hair tends to fall straight while they zig zag around it.

 This one is especially lovely and works very well as a romantic style. It can look very different depending on whether it is done neat and sleek or messy. It's called a waterfall braid and it's done like a French lace braid but you drop a strand after every braiding.

Another lace rope braid but this time ending in a side braid. I wear this style all the time.
 This one was a fun challenge :D It's a faux hawk for a metal concert. I parted the hair from temple to nape in three sections. The two side sections got tightly rope braided close to the part and the center section was hair sprayed, teased, looped and twisted to form the hawk.