Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Costume Closet

I've recently taken on a new venue for belly dancing and had to overhaul my professional costume collection for repairs and size changes AND I got to add a few new ones to the mix :) I've been trying to figure out where the 'holes' are in my dance wardrobe. You know, that one skirt that makes 6 new costumes or that one bra and belt set that blows open your color options?
 Great Loops

This is the pride and joy of my costume collection- I've been wanting a Pharaonics Great Loop costume of my very own for YEARS and I finally nabbed this beautiful set! The sequins are holographic royal blue and the beads holding them down are purple iris so it shimmers between blue and purple and has such lush thick fringe. There were a few challenges with shipping because of two orders placed near the same time that got confused and as a result, the shop sent me two free skirts as a thank you for my business. SCORE!! The sent me a skirt like this one:
and another one called a 'double skirt' that has a turquoise layer and a royal blue layer so it's amazing with a layer slightly tucked up to reveal the other color and it's reversible.  (The one in the picture below doesn't have the turquoise under layer but it gives you the idea).
 Double Skirts

The costume order that got confused with it was for this beauty of a turquoise fringe monster :D
Confetti Costume
Obviously I've got the 'blue' spectrum well covered at this point so I have to keep telling myself NO when I see another beautiful blue set. Oddly enough, I don't see too many teal costumes. Teal is my favorite color but apparently not popular with dancers or perhaps just the Egyptian designers...

Some of you may remember my progress pictures from making The Green Monster? Love this one and just discovered that I can sneak a fluffy circle skirt over the lycra and ruffles and tuck it under the attached skinny belt embroidery for a whole new look!
Then there's my old favorite coin costume which you may also remember progress photos from. This one had some serious reconstruction needed because a metal ornament that was forming the center of all the coin and chain belly drapes snapped earlier this year. I replaced it with a vintage necklace from my grandmother and viola!
I have an ivory lace costume with iridescent crystals and pearls that I made a year or two ago that still feels like it needs something. I haven't been able to figure out why it still looks awkward. The top is gorgeous but something ain't right with the skirt. Thoughts?
This flame costume is a black velvet with red metallic foil and LOTS of crystal rhinestones.

So I've got blue, turquoise, emerald green, mixed metal (with teal base), ivory lace and pearl, and red and black flames with gold accents. That leaves purple, black and white, silver, and pink which will likely never happen (not a color I enjoy). Must plot designs...