Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking Shape

So far so good! I had to modify the pattern shape for the 'tummy/tail' piece because I misgauged how the shapes would work together. I simply removed the tail portion from the tummy pattern and it came together fine :) As you can see above, I grew rather fond of my wing frames and was no longer willing to hide them inside the wing fabric so I've hand sewn them to the underside of the wing. I believe my next step will be to sew the head with ears and horns. At that point it should be time to draft the patterns for arms and legs and get them sewn up. Can you tell I'm stalling on building the armature? :D I honestly think it's necessary but I won't lie, it's the newest-to-me technique in this whole critter and I'm giving it lots of thought!

Obviously I did not complete my dragon in time for AnomalyCon, the steampunk convention in Denver. I knew I was pushing it and having to pick a large number of stitches when revamping the tail pattern pretty much doomed me to be off schedule. Nonetheless, I am having a blast with him and can't wait to see him coming to life!

I got new photos from Don Searle of FantaScenes photography with my author friend J.A. Campbell (check out her blog here)

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